Remote area specialists

Polygon is experienced working in remote and difficult to access areas. We are able to provide a range of services anywhere, anytime.

Polygon Consultants are experienced in all types of excavation.

Identification, documentation and cataloguing of finds

Aboriginal artefacts recorded to highest standards

We go almost anywhere

Heritage Iron Restoration

Detailed Corrosion Removal

Specialist Corrosion Protection for Heritage Fencing

Releading Iron palisade joints


Archaeological Field Services:

  • Site appraisal and due diligence reporting regarding heritage
  • Historical land use research and cultural significance assessments
  • Liaison with Government Departments, Aboriginal Representatives and Historical Societies
  • Detailed site survey, desktop assessments and accurate mapping of all areas of significance
  • Sub-surface testing, site salvage, excavation, curation and analysis of archaeological finds
  • Assistance with the interpretation of Heritage planning legislation
  • Preparation of Cultural Heritage Management Plans (CHMP’s)
  • Detailed ethical and culturally sensitive recording of aboriginal artefacts, places and areas of cultural significance to the highest standards required in each state
  • Archaeological site monitoring during ground disturbance
  • Advice on site protection and strategic management
  • Public representation on matters of heritage significance
  • Preparation of permits and permissions
  • Expert witnessing services and reports
  • Regular progress reporting, timely preparation of reports to all interested parties

Heritage Iron Restoration

  • Heritage Iron-work conservation and advice
  • Documentation, restoration and protection of Heritage cast iron palisading.